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Claim # Claimant Claim date ↑ Forum Type Condition Plausibility Responses Description
74 Microbasics (Immutides) Aug. 24, 2012 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
Microbasics sells an untested treatment for HIV that they call Immutides. Read more
73 Nativa (RadiCAL) June 1, 2012 Advert in Juice (Mango Airlines magazine) Boosts Immune system Untested 0
Nativa claims that their product, RadiCAL, is good for bones, boosts the immune system, counters opportunistic infections and gives additional energy Read more
72 Topline Innovations (Rayma Bracelet) May 14, 2012 Website Alleviates Pain Untested and implausible 1
This company claims its bracelet offers relief from pain, arthritis and other ailments. Read more
64 Omega 48 (Omega Herbal48) March 21, 2012 Website Treats Almost anything; (including Cancers; Diabetes; HIV & AIDS) Untested and implausible 0
The product is claimed to be designed "for the purposes of eliminating bacterial and parasitic born diseases" and "serves as a powerful antiseptic, bacteria killer and virucide" Read more
63 Omega 48 (Omega Herbal48) March 18, 2012 Advert in the Sunday Times Alleviates Almost anything; (including Cancers; Diabetes; HIV & AIDS) Untested and implausible 0
The advert makes an absurd claim to be "the ultimate herbal solution" Read more
62 BodyDetox (Body Detox) March 16, 2012 Website Detoxes Kidneys Untested and implausible 0
This company claims its products detoxify various organs in the human body. Read more
61 Solal Technologies (Solal Stress Damage Control) Feb. 14, 2012 Advert in Cape Times Protects Heart Disease Tests are disputed or inconclusive 1
The advert suggests the product protects the heart and brain from stress damage Read more
65 Pharma Natura PTY (Ltd) (Pharma Natura "Plus Range" ) Feb. 1, 2012 Website Supports Cardiovascular Health Untested and implausible 1
The website makes several unsupported and implausilbe claims Read more
69 Pharma Natura PTY (Ltd) (Vitaforce Generics) Feb. 1, 2012 Website Treats Immune system Untested and implausible 1
The website pamphlet makes a significant number of unsupportable clais Read more
70 Pharma Natura PTY (Ltd) (Vitaforce Lifestages) Feb. 1, 2012 Website Promotes Vitality Untested and implausible 1
The Web advert makes a number of unsupportable claims about the vitamin products Read more
71 Clicks Feb. 1, 2012 Store Pamphlet Analyses Adrenal Fatigue Implausible 1
The pamphlet describes a condition which is not recognised by any health authority in the world Read more
67 Health Matters (Fat Burn) Dec. 9, 2011 Advert in Mail & Guardian Reduces Weight Untested and implausible 1
The advert claims to the product is a 4-in-1 weight loss solution Read more
68 Health Matters (Immune Restore Optimal Health Supplements) Dec. 9, 2011 Advert in Mail & Guardian Reduces HIV Viral Load Untested and implausible 1
The advert claims to reduce Viral load, restore optimal health, improve CD4 Count Read more
60 Health Inc Nov. 20, 2011 Website Boosts Immune system Implausible 0
Dr Botha of Health Inc claims to boost the immune system of HIV-positive patients Read more
59 Synagogue Church of All Nations (anointing water) Oct. 20, 2011 YouTube video Cures back pain, leg pain and high blood pressure Untested and implausible 0
SCOAN international claims to 'pray away HIV'. A branch opperates in Cape Town claiming to heal chronic pain with annointing water. Read more
57 The Greenhouse Sept. 15, 2011 Website Identifies and treats obstacles to cure chronic illess Untested and implausible 0
www.greenhousehealth.com makes a range of outlandish claims about alternative medicine as a treatment for chronic illness Read more
56 Rory Jean Jacques Sept. 12, 2011 Groupon Advert Analyses None Untested and implausible 0
Rory Jean-Jacques offers blood anayses to diagnose a range of illness Read more
55 Medical Mineral Solution (Miracle Mineral Solution) Sept. 4, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 1

It was claimed on the website http://www.mms-africa.co.za/ that Miracle Mineral Solution boosts the immune system and is able to treat a number of bacterial and viral conditions including HIV and ... Read more

53 Bioptron Light Therapy System (Bioptron 2) Aug. 29, 2011 Website Treats Herpes Simplex Untested and implausible 0
This company sells extremely expensive devices that are essentially just glorified lights. The company claims its devices are complementary treatments for a range of illnesses. Read more
52 La Beautique Aug. 27, 2011 Groupon Advert Prevents Aging Untested and implausible 0
La Beautique claims that galvanic ultrasonic wave treatment can be used as an anti-aging device Read more

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