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How Celia Farber tried to sue an AIDS activist - and lost

AIDS denialist Celia Farber sued Richard Jefferys for calling her a liar. In November, the Supreme Court of New York dismissed Farber's action. Quackdown interviewed Richard about the case. The interview is fascinating because Richard crisply describes the web of lies, homophobia and madness in the world of AIDS denialism.

What do we know about AIDS deaths in South Africa?

The obscure Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology has published an article by AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg packed with errors. It claims that data from Uganda and South Africa shows that there is no evidence of an HIV epidemic. This journal, whose title indicates no expertise in HIV, has a track record of publishing peer-reviewed AIDS denialist nonsense.

The health-care choices of Steve Jobs and Winstone Zulu

Winstone Zulu

Winstone Zulu died last week. He was an outspoken AIDS activist and possibly the first Zambian to live openly with HIV.