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HIVEX closed down

HIVEX limited used to offer an unproven electromagnetic therapy as a treatment for HIV at a facility in Durban. Following pressure from various quarters, this facility has recently been closed down.

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Electromagnetic Quackery

The Charlatans an outdoor theater with a quack doctor and an audience of gentry, monks and townsfolk

Today, on World AIDS Day the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) will picket at the Durban offices of HIVEX Limited and demand that they stop offering HIVEX as a treatment for HIV. This follows a remarkable letter that HIVEX sent to TAC and an investigation by the television programme Special Assignment.

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The Arms Deal and AIDS pseudoscience

The arms dealer

HIVEX is a company that promotes a Russian device that it claims "uses electro magnetism to target specific proteins in the HIV virus with the aim of disabling the virus and rendering it ineffective, so that cells stop dying and the immune system can regenerate." They make their claims on various websites, including a company Facebook page. They were also featured earlier this year in a TimesLive video puff piece, but that was taken down after the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) complained to the editor that the ...